Children of ATO heroes dived like "bombs"

As part of the social project of the NGO "Community Development" (with the support of the same name charity fund) children of ATO heroes spent a day swimming under the sunshine in the sports and entertaining complex "Medyk".

Young swimmers explored every centimeter of the pool and got in close ties with each other. Splashing crystal water flew in different directions because children did not hold their emotions at all. The well-known duo of animators "Vlatar" helped to maintain a good mood for children. This day was spent well not only by children but also by their mothers too.


"Today it was a very cool day. When there is a heat outside, you always want nature and water. My mother and I did not come here because we did not know how good it is there, "says little Valeria. - And it was very funny to be there, in such a company. I will remember this beautiful day for a long time, we all here dived together like a "bomb".


"Guys on the East protect our country. It is sure that their relatives are waiting for them at home and every day relatives worry about them. Some of them have already suffered the greatest loss in a life - the death of their beloved husband, son and father. Therefore, we sincerely hope that this day brought a small bit of happiness to lives of children and their mothers", - says Helena, an activist of the NGO "Community  Development".

The children's laughter attracted the attention of other holidaymakers. Their common smiles have completely replaced "pills of happiness" which aren't invented yet.