The family of the deceased ATO soldier received a heritage

Lawyers of  NGO "Community Development" for four months helped the family of the deceased ATO soldier, who are disabled people, to gather the necessary documents for getting the heritage of their deceased son.

In January, father and mother of deceased ATO soldier appealed to the activists of NGO. The Holub family without waiting for help from the state, asked members of the NGO "Community Development" assistance in gathering necessary documents for probate after their deceased son as they are unable to solve the mentioned issue, because of their disability

During 4 months activists collected the necessary documents.  Lawyers of NGO opened a case on the legacy in the Third Lviv notary. As a result the Holub family issued an inheritance under the law this week. The parents of the deceased ATO soldier obtained ownership of the apartment (registration documents). The case of probate was closed on 05.05.2015.

"We continue to help the Holub family.Besides helping with probate, we also addressed a request to PrivatBank, that the bank has provided information on the credit of the deceased soldier" - said the lawyer of NGO "Community Development" - Nazar Bai.