52,000 hryvnias from sold Lev Skop's masterpieces will be handed for military needs

On the 17th of April in the military Church of the Presentation a charity exhibition, where 52 thousands hryvnias were collected from Lev Skop's works sales, was conducted.

That charity exhibition was organized by Igor Kotsyuruba, the chairman of the NGO "Patriot"  together with the military Church of the Presentation, Roksolana Shymchuk ethnic gallery, the charity fund "Patriot Lviv", the NGO "Artists for Ukraine", the Art organisation "Cactus", the NGO "Community Hope" and veterans of Afghanistan.

The exhibits were five new icons and ten "Gontas" of Lev Skop. The main funds were obtained with the icon "Eucharist". Oleksandr Veremeyenko, a philanthropist and co-founder of the NGO "Community Development" bought and immediately handed the icon to the Church of the Presentation. The received funds will be transferred to the frontline for the needs of the soldiers.

As for the artist, for me the main goal is to draw. Today I realize that the internal subject of my works is a "Ukrainian man and war." As for me, a man who loves his country, no other things currently exist. Many things I put off for later - own books, music that I write etc. The main motive is war because every day people are dying, the bloom of our nation ... My icons are my personal prayer, I honestly draw, putting heart in it. First of all, I want to say how important it is for me to support our country and its soldiers in these difficult times. I always visit Eastern part of Ukraine and feel very good, along with these beautiful people, my fellows, who defend Ukraine. Overall, I am surrounded by wonderful people - soldiers and volunteers. I am very happy with my creative work to be able to support them, - says Lev Skop.

Lev Skop is a Ukrainian artist, restorer and iconographer. In addition, he is a member of the art organization "Cactus", which with the war beginning engaged in volunteering, participates in various exhibitions and charity auctions.
Works that remained can be purchased at the silent auction on the social networks from Mariya Petryshyn, a volunteer.