Families of fallen soldiers of ATO received humanitarian aid from Detroit

Activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) handed out to the families of fallen military children’s clothes and toys, which were sent from the U.S. from Anton Sviatoslav Greene, the leading actor in the movie "the Guide".

After receiving humanitarian aid sent by the representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora from the city of Detroit, NGO activists immediately began to inform the families of the deceased military. Many families responded to the invitation and arrived at the office of the NGO "Community Development" to pick up the kids clothes. Recall that the philanthropists from the U.S. donated toys and clothes for different ages.

Took the opportunity to update children's wardrobe families of Verbytskyh, Bondarenko, Rodych, Kratko, Lushchyk and Vascalo. Some of the parents or close relatives choose outfits for their kids, while others decided to leave the choice to the children. For example, seven year old Vladyslav and five-year old Svyatoslav Kratko decide what kind of trousers, shirts, jackets or blouses useful to them. A deep interest in the selection of clothing and toys have also a five years old Vladyslav Verbytskyi.

"We are grateful for such help, because children grow quickly and have a constant need for new clothes. In addition we are pleased that people remember us and want to help us," shared Mrs. Bogdana Verbytska.

Taking into account the current difficult situation in the country, in particular, the economic crisis, to the families with children it is very difficult to cope with financial needs. Especially this is an unsupportable burden for families who lost their breadwinners in the war. So any help and support for them is extremely important. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" hope for further cooperation with donors who would like to help the families of the Ukrainian military.

"We still have lots of things for children sent from Detroit, so we invite the families of the fallen soldiers to come to our office, which is located at the address: Lviv, Shevchenko Avenue, 7, 4 floor, of. 25, and to pick up clothes and toys for kids. Also everybody is welcome to participate in charity and to help the families of fallen military," says the lawyer, an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Nazar Baj.