In Ukraine is planning to create centers providing services of Ministry of Internal Affairs

On 14 July, Parliament adopted a government bill No. 2567 "On services and service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine".

The bill proposes to introduce a new category - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. These include permits, licenses, certificates, copies and duplicates of documents. To receive these services, the Ukrainians will be able in the newly created Centers of service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the administrator.

"Provided that in case of acceptance the law will be effective from 1 January 2016 to 1 January 2018, and options for the provision of services will pass to local authorities. In addition, adopted as the basis of the accompanying bill No. 2568 On amendments to the Budget code regarding fees for services provided to the Ministry of Internal Affairs," explains the activist of the NGO "Community Development", - head of the department Cooperation with the Authorities Yuriy Tatomyr.