Support of youth and sports

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, attracting young people to the sport are the key activities of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”). Today, the goal of our team is to convey to the youth that the sport brings joy and success in everyday life.

We are committed to its development on the territory of Lviv region. We, together with the staff of the NGO "Community Development" organized or were attached to the organization of the many sporting events held by our partners, to raise the spirit of sport in the younger generation.

One such became a mixed martial arts tournament West Fight 12 and West Fight 14, which were held in Lviv on 24 may 2015 and in. Kyiv, on 5 July 2015, the main organizer of which was the NGO "Real Fight Promotin". This competition is of a high professional level, where young people, young men are in a serious need of support.

Given the appeal of the President of the NGO " Real Fight Promotin ", we immediately decided to help. With the support of caring philanthropists we distinguished charitable assistance in the organization of competitions in the amount of 2 500 UAH and 2 000 UAH. The funds were spent for the purchase of awards for participants, and the winner.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the initiatives of our team. They are diverse, they touch various spheres of public life. We believe that this is the only way we will be able to comprehensively improve the condition of our society.

"Sport is life, is future, is health!" - and let this quote accompanies our youth.

The Chairman of the Charitable Foundation “Community Development”
Solomiya Starosolska