What is the "emergency situation" in Ukraine?

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine yesterday, on January 26, decided to enter the emergency situation in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
"According to the Code of civil defense of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the decision on the recognition of an emergency situation at the state level. The Ukrainian government has decided to introduce a state of emergency on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions," said ArseniyYatsenyuk at the session of the Cabinet.
It was decided to create a regional Commission for emergencies. According to Yatsenyuk, this is done in order to fully coordinate all authorities to ensure the safety of citizens and protection of the population. He also said that the government created the state Commission on emergency situations, which is chaired by the Prime Minister and his two deputies – Deputy of Prime Minister Gennady Subko and Chairman of the state service for emergency situations Sergiy Bochkov.
The media frequently occur terms "emergency" and "martial law", this in any case cannot be combined with the term «emergency situation» that in form of complexity is simpler.
An emergency situation is a violation of normal conditions of life and activity of people in a certain area, in certain regions that have arisen and have military nature, namely the situations associated with the consequences of weapons of mass destruction or conventional weapons, during which may suffer a large number of the population. In our case, we need to talk about the classification of unconstitutional direction, referring to the Commission or the real threat of terrorist attacks (in fact it befell our Eastern part of Ukraine), namely armed attack, seizure of territory, communication systems, telecommunications, etc.
There are goals and measures that need to be applied in the case of the introduction of an emergency situation:
- informing and warning, which is the main principle and element of protection from threats;
- observation. Thanks to it, we will be able to respond quickly to threats that can comprehend the territory;
- evacuation activities, which in Ukraine is quite often have problems. Primarily with the placement of refugees which became homeless;
- medical protection. For Ukraine this question is also quite significant, especially for the participants of the ATO.
Most fighters cannot get the status of participant of ATO, and therefore soldiers cannot get free treatment. Also, wounded military are not provided with free medical care abroad,because of the loss of documents.
So, as we all know, the introduction of the emergency situation is caused because of the need to restore order in the East of Ukraine. Now the task falls on the officers who must improve the situation in the country and resolve the problems of our state. Therefore, since the introduction of the emergency situation, there must be a plan for the preparation, implementation and execution of complex legal, socio-economic and political measures aimed for the regulation of security that should be undertaken after assessing the risk of danger in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. You also need to make appropriate measures to mitigate or remedy the situation in order to prevent its escalating into a more serious conflict or problem and restore proper functioning of Ukrainian cities.
Taras Lozynsky