In Kiev was held the II Forum of Global Ukrainians

"The world gives Ukraine the silver, when Ukraine may give gold to the world" - Bohdan Havrylyshyn
On  October 31, Kyiv hosted the second global meeting of Ukrainian expats, business, science, and cultural leaders, representatives of social and public organizations – II Global Forum of Ukrainians, in which took part the representative of NGO "Community Development" Solomiya Starosolska. The meeting discussed the strategy for the development of national cultural diplomacy and business through a network Global Ukrainians, the main areas of work of the network Global Ukrainians and creation of partnership relations of its members.
The II Forum of Global Ukranians started with a welcome speech of Violetta Moscalu, initiator and cofounder of the event, which encouraged the participants to productive networking and the development of a communication platform for cooperation with Ukrainian leaders. According to her, the Forum of Global Ukranians was created in order to establish a systematic and efficient cooperation between the Ukrainian community and voluntary movements of the Ukrainian Diaspora around the world. The purpose for this network was to convey the truth about Ukraine to the world and to promoting contemporary Ukrainian culture.
The basic idea of Global Ukranians is to provide anyone the opportunity to start a project, tell us about your case, gather the team and include other resources to capitalize on this idea. This opens up great opportunities for the implementation of effective forms of direct cooperation between Ukrainian social alliances, SMEs and ambassadors of GlobalUkrainians. This is the key to the power of established networks, as noted by the co-founders of this platform.
The II Forum of Global Ukranians confirmed once again the great power of unity of Ukrainians. During the discussion it was possible to feel the openness and the desire of expats to interact, support, consult, cooperation. Ukrainians of Australia, the Netherlands, China, Belgium, Mexico, despite the distance, showed on their own projects the possibility of assistance from their country. One of these is the Project of combating Russian disinformation, designed by Ukrainians "Brucelshyny", which has created a new task force East StratCom that started in one of the EU institutions - the European external action service. In the heart of this project is the possibility of each NGOs of Ukraine or Ukrainians not indifferent to support and join the initiative of the EU. Ukrainians in different countries can carry out media monitoring and send the team East StratCom examples of disinformation launched by Russia in different corners of the world. 
"The Forum of Global Ukranians – exactly the kind of platform that can unite the ideological Ukrainians in all corners of the world. The people of the future- are Global. These are people that can change Ukraine. Change through exceptional transformation, not reformation, by accepting the Diaspora of the modern, and transfer of Ukrainian modernity to them," said Solomiya Starosolska.