How people are uniting into communities in the Lviv region

Our country is experiencing a period of changes, implementing reforms in different spheres. One of which is decentralization, which involves the clear separation of powers between the local authorities at all three administrative levels: community, district, region.
In Ukraine today is already so much talk about the reform of decentralization. Provided a lot of information in various media and especially in social networks. For quality implementation of the reform, with the assistance of the Cabinet of Ministers and Association of Cities of Ukraine, were formed the Offices of the reforms. For faster communication and avoidance of bureaucratic obstacles in the formation documents of the Offices housed in the regional administrations. The organizations invited experienced experts whose task is to clarify and correct information to all the people of our country about local government reform. However, the attitude towards the holding of such changes is ambiguous, and the proof is delaying of the potential communities to unite, and this is the main task of this reform.
In the Lviv region the adoption by the regional Council a strategic plan on the formation of territorial communities occurred only at the third attempt. Constantly sounded loud statements of opponents of reform of decentralization, the risks and the challenges that await on territorial communities. And yet, July 7 is the day that gave the green light for the formation of capable territorial communities of our region and should be agreed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
According to the plan, is expected to create 160 wealthy communities in the Lviv region, which were supposed to unite before the time of local elections. Now only eighteen were United in territorial communities, 15 of which on 25 October will be able to hold the first local elections of deputies of village, settlement, city councils of the United Territorial Communities and relevant village, settlement, city mayors, who now will be called chiefs.
Causes of delayed unification of territorial communities

Why combining indicators are so low? According to experts, one reason is low awareness. Representatives of the office of reforms are constantly working in the field and conduct lectures, presentations, round tables on the prospects, about the importance and necessity together to improve our lives. Obviously, this is not enough.
The root cause of the discrepancy in attitudes regarding the implementation of the reform is a misinterpretation and distortion of information by some interested parties that, respectively, in practice not always easy to refute and, especially, to convince the citizens of the country. For example, let's take the speculative fact, when some representatives of political parties declare that under the decentralization hides federalization, which is very favorable for the Russian Federation, as this can lead to separation of the country. And naturally, these far from the truth facts imprinted in people's memories.

What factors influence on the formation of capable communities?
It is logical, that there are some obstacles, which must pass those who have declared their desire to create a community, designed to care about the development of their territories and the welfare of residents. Analyzing the process of forming a United Territorial Communities(UTC) in the Lviv region, even before the adoption of the Perspective plan  there were cases when a potential UTC immediately expressed reluctance to unite. For example, Gnizdychivska UTC in Zhydachiv district expressed a desire to form its own UTC and not be part of Zhydachiv UTC, as they were proposed. And as a result, in Zhydachiv district is newly created,and united on a voluntary basis local community, which has received from the Central Election Commission a decision on the holding of the first local elections. However, analyzing the ability of Gnizdychiv communities, experts say that according to the calculations there expenses exceed their income. Therefore, the question arises about the possibility of such community.
However, there are cases when people are willing to form a community outside the Perspective plan and obtain funding in accordance with the law, but in the Lviv regional Council defer amending it. The reason for this is that the necessity of changes in the boundaries of districts for such consolidation. It is already the competence of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. But only if  this community can be wealthy, so why not to act according to the Law. Especially in creating UTC the main are principles of constitutionality, legality, and voluntariness. It should be noted that such a plan of formation of territorial communities is not ideal and was expected to have changes, so why to emplement the ineffective reform.
As you can see, the number of communities today is very low. Accordingly, there will be many communities that don't unite until the time of the elections in October of this year. Despite this, on October 25 in these territories will be held local elections, and in the case of the statement that they desire to create a territorial community, with a clear division of powers between local authorities at all three administrative-territorial levels: community, district and region, there will be held another elections - the first election of deputies of village, settlement, city councils of the United Territorial Communities and relevant village, settlement, city mayor.
No matter what, everyone recognizes that changes in the system of local government are needed. According to the draft amendments to the Constitution there will be introduced the institution of prefects, powers which will be different from the current leaders and the field will be limited, they will not have access to budget and financial resource flows. Their main function will be to monitor observance of the constitutional rights and the laws of Ukraine in the region.
Now it is very important only to facilitate the prompt and effective incorporation of communities. And, as always, such processes have disadvantageous to those who feared to lose power and the ability to enforce frauds for their own enrichment. And although this reform is nothing more than the fulfillment of obligations by Ukraine, or rather our sovereignty to the EU, such changes are extremely important and must be done. And this is only possible with the active participation of citizens and their desire to change their lives in their own country.