The work of the NGO "Community Development" was praised by the OSCE observers

On August 6, a meeting was held of representatives of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE with activists of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”). International observers are interested in the active work of the members of the organization in the direction of working with people with disabilities.

The members of the mission, who are working towards respect for human rights and minority rights, gender issues, work with the IDPs and the participant of anti-terrorist operation, personally arrived to the office of the NGO "Community Development" to learn more about the work of activists. Particularly, observers were interested in recently implemented project "Femininity without borders", which aims to draw public attention to the problems of people with disabilities. Recall that participants in this project were women in wheelchairs, to whom was organized a trip to the salon, picked up a luxury outfits and conducted a professional photo shoot. The event generated a lot of positive feedback both from participants and the public. Soon activists plan to implement this project in Novoyavorivsk.

Meeting of community activists with the international observers was constructive and rich, because of a great number of developments in NGO. Among the successfully implemented activities for disabled people who are also interested in the guests, were a recreational game, hippotherapy for children and the project "The Master for an hour". Particularly the observers were impressed with the support provided to disabled activists in legal issues and problems of cooperation with the authorities.

Areas of work that interest OSCE observers often coincide with the projects that implement the activists of the "Community Development". Therefore, during the meeting they also spoke about helping the ATO participants and their families, in particular, on the organization of summer camps for children, pilgrimages, on the transfer of humanitarian aid from the U.S. for children and much more. In addition to his work activists shared with foreign observers, future plans and projects. 

During the conversation, the members of the organization focused on the difficulties with the collection of funds for implementation of projects and asked foreign visitors support and advice for attracting international grants.

"What you do is very necessary and useful thing, because you help those who really need it. I will try to help you in the implementation of both existing and new projects", - said the OSCE observer Maurizio Montipo.