For violation of labor rights of mobilized workers is provided criminal liability.

Since the beginning of the Antiterrorist Operation has been raised the question of the reinstatement of mobilized employees after the end of their service. In the Legal Department of "Community Development" explained the penalty for unscrupulous employers in case of dismissal of their employees.

As is seen from the letter from the Ministry of social policy from 18.09.2014, No. 1301/13/84-14 - in case of dismissal of mobilized employee must renew by cancelling the order of dismissal. From the date of dismissal, the employee must be credited with the average wage.

Under the condition of violation of the procedure for the payment of salaries of officers shall be liable a fine in the amount from 17 to 850 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

As noted in the letter, the Ministry of Justice from 24.09.2014, No. 486-0-2-14/7.2 reminded that for the illegal dismissal of an employee from work for personal reasons provides criminal liability. It is important that criminal liability is also established for the unjustified nonpayment, in particular, wages of citizens of more than one month, done intentionally by the Director of enterprise, institution or organization regardless of ownership or citizen - subject of entrepreneurial activity.

"It is worth noting that the head of the enterprise, institution or organization shall be exempt from liability if, prior to the criminal liability he has made the payment of wages," - said human rights activist Andriy Balubash.