Community of Lviv proposed alternative solution of city transport collapse

Problems with public transport don’t seem to be reduced. The dissatisfaction continues to grow both from the side of drivers and transport users.

On April 9 the regular public hearings were held again, they were quite calm, but tension in the hall was felt.

The problem is in raising the price for minibus, which of course is not justified. The numbers and calculations, which the carriers highlighted for the public - caused distrust. Instead, the community of city emphasizes, that if carriers provide appropriate conditions and comfort of transportation, they will be ready to pay the fixed price agreed upon by both sides.

First of all we would like to understand the position of carriers: why they need to raise the price? Is it profitable to do business, which is one loss?

As you know, today we – Ukrainians- are in quite unstable financial situation, which has caused considerable damage to every citizen. Concentrating on carriers, that emphasize on raising fuel prices, higher prices of spare parts, tires and oil, based on hryvnia devaluation, leads to the opinion, that this business is unprofitable and unrealistic in today's environment. Therefore, transport companies resorted to the following actions. Through the adoption of unilateral decision of the Executive Committee №115, which is illegal, carriers still failed to satisfy their own needs and make money on the poor. This is confirmed by the fact, that neither the salary of drivers or settlement schemes are not improved, but to take the money from the specific categories they could do the best.

In order to improve conditions for the existence of their business they resorted to the following – raised the fares. According to the calculations "from heaven" companies proposed to raise the price to 4 - 6 UAH, which is unreasonable. But at public hearings the city residents were deceiving by unnecessary diagrams, calculations and phrases, how it is difficult for carriers, because the local authorities did not submit any information in the materials on tariffs, which could be discussed by public. These actions lead to thoughts, that a decision on raising rates will be similar as the decision №115.

Summarizing the above, we would like the local authorities to understand the situation of inhabitants of their city, which is also affected by the unstable situation in the country and also social unprotected people, who can not afford to go by minibus.

Instead, the position of community in Lviv -  is  clear and simple. Residents of the city used their creativity and proposed different methods to determine the actual fare for travel and improve the transport in Lviv:

- Set the record passenger traffic;
Invite experts, who could clearly justify raising of tariffs;
Set a specific price for the trip;
To pass a lie detector to help expose the so-called "black cashier";
The polite attitude of drivers to the passengers;
Safety and comfort of minibus.

Perhaps the following conditions will provide an understanding of both sides (carriers and passengers) and the matter will be taken from the "agenda".
Taras Lozinskiy, political analyst