Engaging of students in active social activities

Representatives of the NGO "Community Development" has launched a student platform, in which held a public dialogue with students of the Lviv State College of Food and Processing Industry of National University of Food Technologies. Spoke on the topic of legal education of the younger generation, the importance of knowledge of the law in the life of every citizen, as well as conducting fundraising to realize their ideas.
  • "Today we are launching a new project – student platform aimed at efficient unification of active youth to solve the biggest issues of our time. The youth are our future, it is a generator of new ideas, and therefore we believe that our initiative will give an effective result," said Solomiya Starosolska, lawyer, member of the NGO "Community Development"


It is worth noting that students of the College actively participated in the discussion, were interested in information about the implementation of their projects. Information about the prospects and means of professional development, a network of young leaders will be useful for students who strive to develop and conquer new heights.
  • "The younger generation has a lot of prospects to achieve their goals. However, lack of knowledge and ignorance of information on attracting the necessary resources often forces students to forget about transferring into reality their ideas. It is appropriate to share with students the information about the grant policy of raising funds for their projects, free of charge. To participate in contests and win a scholarship is an opportunity for gifted people to realize interesting projects that benefit the community," shared Hrystyna Melekestseva, political scientist, NGO "Community Development".
About startups and why they are useful for the society told to students a representative of the NGO "Community Development" Taras Lozynskyi.
  • "Creating your own startup is a good start for every student, because it is an opportunity to start your own business and benefit society. Today, startups cover diverse areas, including food production. To obtain such knowledge was very useful, and I hope that my lecture will motivate the youth to creative ideas that could potentially become a great discovery."
Student platform of the NGO "Community Development" has the goal of attracting students to active public work, their personal development by obtaining interesting and relevant information from our activists, informing about methods to implement their own ideas and innovative projects. Students will have the opportunity to work with us to translate into reality their ideas to improve the social life of Ukrainian citizens.