An open letter to journalists

Because of a conflict and compromising situation that has developed around NGO "Community Development" and its activities, who, as it turns out, are inconvenient for the authorities, in particular to State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre, personaly Andriy Kavetsky and organization "Right sector – the West".

During the attempts of the NGO "Community Development" and other NGOs who work with us, transparently to highlight to the public the scheme of allocation of land plots intended for the participants of the ATO; an official check of the appointment of the head of Department of the State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre in Pustomyty district, was made the information attack and pressure on the website "Right sector-the West" and other media with the aim of discrediting the activities of the NGO "Community Development" in the eyes of the public.

We invite You, dear journalists, today, on August 28, at 14.00 in the Press club (Lviv), where we will held a press conference, where we will discuss all chronology scandalous events with State service of Ukraine on issues of geodesy, cartography and cadastre and provide satisfactory answers regarding the activities and operation of NGO "Community Development". We ask Your presence and objective, impartial coverage of events that occur. In the future we will inform about all the events of our organization.