For criticism of government - to prison

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law, which proposed to punish the citizens for criticizing the government correctional labor for a term up to 2 years, or arrest up to 6 months or imprisonment for up to 3 years.
Such changes to the criminal code proposed to make the bill No. 2225 authored by people's Deputy from the “National Front” Constantine Mateychenko.
Article 339-1 refers to the deliberate actions concerning undermining authority of the state. Socially dangerous unlawful acts which threaten the reputation of Ukraine as a sovereign state, public desecration, abuse, defilement or other actions aimed at undermining the credibility of public authorities, local governments and associations of citizens of Ukraine. Also cynical and dismissive attitude and rejection as a separate structural elements of the system of public administration (relevant authorities), and the state as a whole, which in the future could entail a violation of established social norms and rules of the organization of social and political order and life. It should be added that the explanatory Memorandum States that the bill does not require public consultation.
I would like to start with the fact that today there are bills that grossly contradict the General Constitution of Ukraine and, in General, violate the rights and freedoms of the individual, for example dictatorial laws 16 January 2014, including a draft law "On the protection and preservation of the authority of the state". At this rate Ukraine can quickly turn into a country with an authoritarian regime, since the ideas and actions that are offered by deputies do not corresponds to democratic states.
Now give more attention to the draft law, "on criticism of the authorities", which has gained a lot of publicity among citizens of Ukraine. This bill proposes to sit and silently watch the inaction of the authorities, or robbery, because on the basis of this public opinion has no right to exist. As you know, among people there is a mass consciousness (the majority), which is elected by the government, which will continue to meet the needs and interests of people and of course to act within the law. If the government or certain public authorities, institutions are not able to cope or to properly perform their duties, to take appropriate action. As experience has shown, if people won’t do it than, no one else will. By using a shared opinions and ideas, which became popular, we were herded criminal power and can do it again and again... the main thing is to operate smoothly, without breaking the law. Don't even want to admit to it, if the bill was applicable During Janukovich power, and to what it could lead!
Of course, now there is a war with Russia, information warfare, which divides Ukraine, because mesmerizes people and radically changes the opinion of a person that causes internal contempt and antipathy towards the country and its leaders. The first thing to impose sanctions, banning broadcast provocative Russian TV channels, programs and overall information resources that have a negative impact and enhance the internal conflict. Not stopping begun to focus on the decision of the military conflict, to stop corruption, to take more aggressive action by the authorities and direct the expenditure of funds for military equipment, support troops, which is today without the participation of volunteers would be noticeable. Of course, one cannot forget about the internal problems that occur in every city of Ukraine. Not indifferent persons cannot ignore the indifference of the state agencies to the problems. Our state and so now on the verge of economic crisis, therefore the following questions arise: will it make the power itself without pushing people?! And how to be a society where the government does not respond to numerous requests and appeals?!
Lozynskyi Taras, political analyst