Do I need to change the address for the registration of property in case of renaming the street?

Human rights activist - Andriy Bolyubash told us whether it is necessary to amend the title documents by renaming the street on which the immovable property is situated.

Recently acquired the publicity the bill "On the condemnation of communism and the National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and prohibition of propaganda symbols" , that on 9 April 2015 was adopted by Parliament and forwarded to the President of Ukraine. In this regard, the settlements observed massive renaming of streets, named after names of famous people of the communist period.

It should be noted, that the legislation does not envisage amending the legal documents in connection with the renaming of streets, on which the immovable property is situated. Because documents are valid and do not require replacement or get a new title document.
By title documents are:
- Certificate of ownership;
- The certificate of inheritance;
- The sales contract;
- Mines;
- Giving etc.

It should be noted that citizens can independently change (on its own initiative or, if necessary) the name of the street after appropriate amendments, on which the property is registered, including land. To do this, the owner of the property according to the laws may apply to the authority of state registration of rights to immovable property, a statement on amendments to the State Register of real rights on real estate.

 "In the case of notarial estate acts (sale, inheritance, gift, etc.) the document of renaming the street can be given in the local council. On the basis of documents of title to the old street names and such information the notary shall issue a new title documents with the new name of the street" - said the lawyer - Andriy Bolyubash.

To amend the address in the passport can be made in local authorities of LCA. It should be noted, that citizens are not obliged to change the registration stamp, after renaming the street.  Re-registration can occur in case of replacing passports, renewal of photo, name changes and so on and in case when a person has an immediate need.

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