Villages and towns now can be attached to the cities

What administrative units can be combined and who can initiate their association told the lawyer of NGO "Community Development" Andriy Balubash.
On March 5, 2015 entered into force Law No. 157-VIII "On the voluntary amalgamation of territorial communities", which provides for the association on a voluntary basis on adjacent lands communities of villages, settlements and cities.
The administrative center of the unified territorial community can be defined locality (village, town, city), which has a developed infrastructure and is located closer to the geographical center of the territory such a unified territorial community.
It should be noted that the unified territorial community, the administrative center of which is defined as a city – is a city territorial community, the center of which is defined as a town – is a town community, the center of which is defined as a village – is a village community.
To initiate an association can:
1) village, town or city mayor;
2) at least one third of the total members of village, town, city Council;
3) the members of the local community in order of local initiatives;
4) the self-organization of the territory concerned (subject to the submission of their interest of not less than one third of the members of the territorial community).

“It is important that the state provides unified territorial community with subventions for the formation of appropriate infrastructure in accordance with the plan of socio-economic development of the local community,” said the lawyer Andriy Balubash.

In established territorial communities of villages, towns, defined by the decision of the local Council of the united territorial community, except for its administrative center, the headman will be elected for a term of office of the local Council. Appropriate changes were made to the Law "On local self-government in Ukraine".
Note that the headman is the official of local government and represents the interests of the residents of the unified territorial community. In particular, it participates in the preparation of the draft budget of the territorial community in financing programs implemented on the territory of the village, town.