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Information about how to obtain the certificate of the participant of combat operations in special cases

Often, those who returned from the hot spots in the East, are meeting with a refusal to issue them the certificates of participant of combat operations. And despite the difficulties, it is impossible to give up.
A striking example of this was the story of one soldier who was directly involved in the antiterrorist operation in 2014 and 2015. He served in counterintelligence, therefore most of the documents are classified. Back home, the military decided to issue the certificate of the participant of military operations, in particular in order to be able to have some benefits. But because of the partial list of documents presented to the Commission of Lviv Regional Military Commissariat, he suddenly was refused, and stated that as he was a scout, the required documents are secret and cannot be issued to him. But this war has not stopped and the man decided to defend his rights. Contacting personally to higher command, the man got the necessary exposure and re-applied to the Commission for consideration, and then he was given the certificate of the participant of operations.
For everyone who is entitled to the assignment of the status of combatants, we will publish a full list of required documents.

Consequently, military personnel (reservists, military service) and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who participated in anti-terrorist operations, must submit:
Certificate of a person directly involved in anti-terrorist operations, ensuring its implementation and protection of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine (sample set by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 20, 2014 No. 413);
  • Extracts from General orders, part about the departure (arrival) to the military unit after completing the tasks of the antiterrorist operation;
  • Extracts from the orders for the marching part of the first Deputy head of the Antiterrorist center (sector commander) on arrival to perform the tasks of the anti-terrorist operation and departure to the place of permanent deployment;
  • Copies of travel documents (if any);
  • Copies of the injuries (if any);
  • Consent to collection and processing of personal data;
  • A copy of the first page of the passport of citizen of Ukraine (for the purpose of avoiding erroneous spelling of the surname, name and patronymic) and two photos.
All copies of documents must be authenticated by the signature of the commander (chief) of military unit (Agency, Department, institution,) and sealed with the official stamp. The decision on granting the status of combatant by the Interdepartmental Commission on consideration of materials on the recognition of participant of combat operations, which is formed by the State Service of Ukraine on Affairs of war veterans and participants of the antiterrorist operation.