The people's Deputies commented on the abolition of parliamentary immunity.

In January 2015, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" wrote letters to people's deputies and former deputies with a request to express their views on parliamentary immunity.
The question of revocation of immunity against criminal prosecution of members of the Parliament discusses many Ukrainian politicians. Moreover, on January 16, 2015 Petro Poroshenko as President and as guarantor of the Constitution initiated a solution to this issue at the legislative level by submitting to the Parliament the draft law "On amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (concerning the privacy of people's deputies and judges)".
Today the public informs that political experts do not support a "liveliness" of the President. Experts believe that in a democracy thoughtless unsteady lifting of parliamentary immunity threaten the parliamentary opposition in the country. A lot of people's deputies are indignant because of the initiative of the President, because they estimated draft law as a very "raw" and unsubstantiated.
At the initiative of activists were sent letters asking to comment on the deputy’s positions on immunity and answer the following questions:
  1. Do you consider appropriate abolition of parliamentary immunity?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this bill?
  3. Is the limitation of parliamentary immunity appropriate?
  4. Did you use the parliamentary immunity during the term of your mandate? If so, in what case?
  5. Do you feel the need for parliamentary immunity?
It's been more than a month after sending letters to the following MPs
 1. A.F.Antonyschak
2. O.R.Berezyuk
3. D.E.Dobrodomov
4. S.M.Kaplin
5. P.I.Pisarchuk
6. O.P.Prrodan
7. A.A.Teteruk
8. O.J.Tyagnibok
9. O.V.Yurynets
Responses to letters from representatives of the NGO "Community Development" came only from O.V.Yurynets, O.R.Berezyuk and D.E.Dobrodomva. We hope that other elected officials to whom we spoke, too, will not ignore our questions.