Activists of the NGO "Community Development": civil society can only exist in the absence of corruption

On 10 November, activists of the NGO "Community Development" visited the Ukrainian Catholic University open lectures of the Professor of Law at the Tubingen University of Bernd Heinrich on "the Fight against corruption in the legal state: experience of Germany", and Professor of law of the Catholic University of Lublin Delaney Swanson on "the Role of civil society in promoting the rule of Law".


During his speech, Dr. Heinrich, analyzed theoretical approaches to the understanding of "corruption", its prerequisites and content of the basic legal acts of the Federal Republic of Germany, devoted to this problem. Special attention was devoted to measures to counter and fight corruption, according to German Law. As stressed Dr. Heinrich, the state as an organization of political power, has all the tools to overcome corruption. However, it should really eradicate it at all levels but not to simulate the process.
  • For Ukraine should be defined special measures to combat corruption, which of course can be implemented in practice - shared Solomiya Starosolska, lawyer, member of the NGO “Community Development”.
Also his opinion concerning the lecture "Combating corruption in the legal state: experience of Germany" said political analyst and activist of the NGO "Community Development" Taras Lozynsky.
  • Ukraine needs a long time to work productively, to stop the plundering of public funds. For this purpose, every citizen of Ukraine must begin with himself, which means not to give "thanks" in the form of funds to public employee, because he has fulfilled his duties. A priority is to conduct training for the concepts and types of corruption for persons who only took the appropriate positions. Not less important task for the state is the eradication of corruption of the system by filling the new staff that is still conscious and "clean" and of course raising a salary for them so that officials were able to take care about their families and not resort to extorting bribes.
Professor Swenson has analyzed the place and role of civil society in development and the rule of law. He emphasized that values of social activists are formed in childhood and set the future direction of public activity. Special attention was paid to the role of social networks in the functioning of civil society, stressing that they cannot be a substitute for the activity of public organizations in real life.
  • The existence of civil society in the state is a testament to its democracy, when provided with the rule of law and guarantee the rights and freedoms of the individual. At the lecture it was noted that Ukrainian civil society has its own specificity, which explains the post-Soviet past, and the very existence of civil society became important in the overthrow of totalitarian regimes, summarized Hrystyna Melekestseva, political scientist, activist of the NGO "Community Development".


At the end of the lecture there was extensive discussion in which participated representatives of the media, lawyers and community activists.
We will remind that activists of the NGO «Community Development» have repeatedly called for measures against the problem of corruption and how to counteract. This experience they used in the fight against unscrupulous officials and embezzlers.