Now the Executive documents will be distributed automatically

In the legal Department of “Community Development” (“Rozvytok Hromady”) explained, how will be distributed the Executive documents.

On 17 March the automatic distribution system of Executive documents started their work. Before beginning the activities of the division of enforcement decisions of the GIS Department of the Ministry of justice new rules apply to the division of enforcement decisions GIS.
How will be held the distribution?

The computer system without the participation of officials will distribute documents between public performers, depending on their workload.
An exception is made only for decisions of the European court of human rights. Such decisions are made exclusively by public performers, and are defined by the Head of Department.

Executive documents of the debtors
If the enforcement proceedings are open, the Executive documents against the debtor are automatically distributed by system on the state performer, who is in charge of the proceeding.

Inbound processing
Executive documents, entering the Department, are processed by the responsible person identified by the Head of Department, and are registered in the system on the day of receipt.
The lawyer Andriy Balubash notes: "it is mandatory, that the Head of Department daily until 09:30 am supposed to contribute to the automated system of information about missing work performers. This procedure must be performed to ensure that the system did not include their distribution. Only after the distribution, the responsible person submits to the Executive document for signature by the state performer, a particular system."