Activists of the NGO “Community Development” took part in Forum on sustainable development of communities

On 29-30 January in Lviv was held the First Ukrainian forum for sustainable development "Perspectives and opportunities for sustainable community development". The event was held to bring together the most active public figures and representatives of local governments in the development of new opportunities in the development of society.
The first day of the Forum was held in two stages – first held a podium discussion among experts on the theme "empowering sustainable communities: challenges of decentralization", after which the participants in the world café format jointly discussed the topic "what are the criteria, due to which we will understand that through the year the community in which we reside, is developing".
Shared its experience with participants of the Forum Oksana Guz, who during the seven years implemented the United Nations development programme in the Volyn region. She helps people from different communities to unite in public organizations, to improve the lives of residents. She also explained how and where to raise funds for projects. In the Volyn region on the basis of this programme have already been successfully merged into the local community under the decentralization reform.
In turn, Yaroslava Sorokopud,a coordinator of the "Halytskyi klaster kooperatsii", presented opportunities for the development of the Ukrainian village, because in our area it is one of the most favorable climates for investors.
During the Forum was presented the model of strategic planning "bottom-up", the results of which show that strategic planning of activity of communities is necessary in the course of the reform of decentralization and effective tool to ensure sustainable development of the country.
The participants came to the conclusion that for sustainable development it is needed to attract only active citizens, strategic planning, analysis work and implementation of projects, and most importantly we have to be accountable to the investors.
The event was organized by the NGO "Reformy Razom" in partnership with the Regional branch of the National Institute for strategic studies in Lviv.