Ukraine has a single Social Insurance Fund

The positive effects of the consolidation of Social insurance fund on temporary disability and Social insurance fund against industrial accidents and occupational diseases in a single fund were described in the legal department of the NGO "Community Development".

According to the Law of Ukraine from 28.12.2014 g. № 77-VIII the unit of two Funds of Social Insurance is provided. Since 2015 there is a single fund, which includes the Social Insurance Fund on temporary disability and Social Insurance Fund against industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

Representatives of the government, the employers and trade unions – participants of social dialogue - within two months agreed the model of combining these funds, and further work of the only Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine.

April 3, 2015, the first meeting of the Board of the newly established Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine was held, which adopted the constituent solutions, including:

-  Formation of the Staff of the Board of the Fund;
- Determination of priority presidency of representative parties on the board of the Fund;
- Election of Chairman of the Board and his deputies;
- Approval of the Fund and the Rules of the Board of the Fund;
- Approval of the work of permanent and temporary committees of the Fund, their quantitative and personal composition;
- The appointment of executive director of the Foundation.

"I have to note, that the board of the Fund is delegated with 7 people from each representative parties - employers, trade unions and the Government. It is also important, that the parties were defined as follows: the first two years of a six-year term of the Fund will chair the board of employers, the next two years – the trade unions, last two years - the government side, "- commented the lawyer -  Andrey Bolyubash.