The story of the Manager of the project "Master for an hour"

Recently, the activists of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" launched a new social initiative. The project manager  - Bogdan Voloshin shared with the first results of the participants of the project.

Every day, a representative of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" Bogdan takes calls from people with disabilities. The manager tells them about the social project "The master for an hour" and offers the free services of master. The activist says,  that for three weeks more than 20 orders were taken.

"Most people, who call on the hotline of our NGO, live alone in their homes. We understand how important for them is our work. After all, a person, who can not leave the house, will not be able to repair the outlet or plumbing. Although the problem for them is, that they are unable to acquire the necessary materials or they are too expensive, "- said the manager - Bogdan Voloshin.

As people with disabilities, as single pensioners are asking for help of our  manager . Very often they ask to repair furniture, appliances, sockets, switches and fixtures.

"Most of our customers are embarrassed to talk about their troubles, because they do not want to burden anyone with their problems and to ask to fix one thing. However, the master usually repairs to 5 units per visit, "- said the activist Bogdan Voloshin.

Most people, who need the help of the master, feel free to refer to the representative of our NGO, because they know him personally. As the manager Bogdan worked previously as a legal advisor on the project "Promoting the rights of children with disabilities."