Citizens are warned about keeping deposits in Russian banks

NGO once again held a rally near the Russian Bank, to inform its investors about a possible closure of financial institutions of the country-occupier.

In warning peaceful rally, which was held on 10 September near the offices of the Bank "VTB Bank", Stryjska street, 33, took part representatives of the most active NGOs of Lviv region, among which the NGO "Slaves to Paradise are not allowed"(“Rabiv Do rayu Ne Puskayut”), NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”), NGO "Self Defense of Lviv Euromaidan" (“Samooborona Lvivskogo Euromaidanu”), "Credit Maidan"(“Kredytnyi Maidan”) NGO "Auto-hundert of Self-Defense"(“Avtosotnia Samooborony”), "Assistance to ATO" (“Dopomoga ATO”) and others. Public activists were pasting posters and flyers, speeches, and closer to the completion of the action, together sang the Anthem of Ukraine.

"Through the war in the East and the occupation of the Crimea, we have no moral right to allow the financial prosperity of the business of the aggressor on our territory. Social activists have repeatedly held protests demanding the closure of the Russian banks. In the framework of the Association agreement with the EU, the Russian business must undergo a special certification in Ukraine. Russia wants to delay this process for another 10 years. So now we need to inform the public about the possible termination of activity of these institutions to prevent financial losses of depositors of these banks," reports the participant, an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Nazar Bai.