Will the illegally installed garbage on the Stryiska street be transfered?

The members of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" appealed to many institutions to address the problem of illegally established sites for landfills, located in the court house on the street. Stryis'ka 6.
 The NGO representatives discussed the problem of residents of the Striyska 6 street regarding to illegal placement of bins, that have created a stench in the yard of a house. On Monday, the activists came to the office of LKP "Snopkivskyj", first of all to its director Mikhail Bendzeya. During the constructive conversation the director of the company has committed to provide improvements to the area near the house. Mr. Bendza also agreed to cooperate with the public by identifying alternative placements of garbage area. In turn, the activists have filed complaints about careless cleaning of the house territory.


The activists of "Rozvytok Hromady" also visited the Galician district administration of the city. The members of the public talked to the head of the administration in Lviv - Irina Ivanchyna. Since she agreed to retreat meeting, which has to be held at street Stryiska 6. The NGO also filed a complaint against inaction of LCP "Snopkivskyj" and Galician district administration on violations of human rights to proper, safe and healthy living conditions.


Today, February 26, a meeting between:

- Chairman of the Galician regional administration;
- Head of department of housing and communal services, construction and infrastructure Galician district administration;
- Precinct inspector;
- GSBEP representative;
- Director LCP "Snopkivskyj";
- Carriers debris;
- Residents of the house number 6 on the  Stryiska street;
- Activists of "Rozvytok Hromady" (members of the public).


In the course of solving the problem the head of Galician regional administration Irina Ivanchyna decided to transfer the container yard away into another place for 2 weeks. The NGO "Rozvytok Gromady" is closely monitoring the developments and is protecting the legitimate rights of the inhabitants of the city.