The residents of the Street Stryiska together with activists "evicted" the garbages under their house

For several years under the house on the street Stryiska, 6 was a real mess: smelly dumps, untidy garages, unstable fence and the broken road surface. Residents have long struggled with the mess in their yard on their own and to no avail. In the end, people asked for help from the public organization "community Development".
First of all, activists have achieved the "eviction" of garbage dumps. The appearance of the yard immediately improved. NGO supported people also materially – bought cement and sand to clean up the mess in the yard. Meanwhile, the residents themselves undertook to repair the roof. They replaced old wooden beams and pillars with new ones, and improved the stability of the roof by the wood and covered it with a new tin.
  • The residents of our house are very grateful to "Community Development" for their significant assistance in the development of our courtyard. Now finally it's nice to get out of the apartment, - says Tetiana Yakubovych
Today on the Street Stryiska 6, already there are flower beds and ornamental plants, additional lighting, in contrast to the previous mess. Also residents partially raised funds and plan to put a fence, which will protect their territory from the new building construction in the neighborhood.