Practical lessons for pupils from "nadzvychaynyky"(those who are protecting civil people)

NGO "Community Development" in cooperation with the state emergency service of Ukraine in Lviv region conducts live classes and tell the students how to act in emergency situations.
Recently was held the first session for the pupils of school №93. In the auditorium of the institution were about fifty pupils of 10-11 classes. They were delighted with the story of "nadzvychaynyky" which came in a working form; in fact, probably no one is able to tell about the emergency situation is better than a practicing rescuer.


"We all understand the time we live in now, during a possible war and therefore we need to know how to act in emergency situations. Children should know how to act in dangerous situations and in any case not to panic," said "nadzvychaynyk".

Employee of the state emergency service of Ukraine in Lviv region focused on practice, told how to quickly and effectively operate during a fire, how to recognize hidden explosives and what to do when the alarm sounds warning "Attention everyone!". The participants also reviewed options for the development of emergency situations.


"Taking into account the political situation in Ukraine, not only adults, but children need to be able to navigate to the situation quickly. Children clearly do not know how to react, they possessed a panic because they don't know what to do, so it is very important that specialists came and told what to do in a given situation" - shared social teacher from the school.

From activists of the public organization "Community Development" pupils received free allowances with useful tips on how to act in emergency situations. Open lessons from NGO "Community Development" and Lviv "nadzvychaynyky" will be held in many schools in Lviv. Already on March 25, there will be a class in school number 92 in the Shevchenkivskyi district in Lviv.