Lviv people initiate public hearings caused by building on Puliuia street

Tenants of houses on 32-33 Puliuia street in Lviv, who achieved suspension of building the residential complex “Naberezhny kvaratal”, along with community activists will gather today at public hearing.

CO “Community development” will organize public hearings with tenants of houses nearby to discuss further actions concerning the building at 19:00.

One of the building companies started realization of project “Naberezhny kvaratal” which involves the construction of a residential complex on Puliuia street in Lviv. The block is considered to be prestigious but the prices for apartments are quite low, about 5900 UAH per square meter.

Regarding the construction of this block, publicity has a number of serious questions that are without answer so far. Several hundreds of residents on Puliuia street succeeded in suspending the construction of the residential complex, which was considered illegal last week.