Stryi faces environmental disaster through large-scale gravel extraction

Citizents of Stryi, concerned about gravel extraction from the river bed, and asked for help "Community Development".
The third week in the river bed Stryi happen manipulation of the extraction and export of minerals. The residents of nearby villages were seriously disturbed by this situation, they are convinced that the work is carried out illegally, and this could lead to environmental disaster.
Activists together with journalists went to the place of works to find out all the details.
As it turned out, the active work is being done on a daily basis. Dozens of multi-ton trucks are carrying the gravel from the river bed. The whole load is taken on the Stryi gravel rock-crushing plant, and then for sale.
As reported by one of the drivers, that the work is illegal, he knows, but still executes the instructions from the direction.
Activists blocked the departure of the truck and called the police. Surprised officer reported that he knows nothing about this works.

  • Such manipulations can result in changes in the riverbed, leading to environmental disaster. Surprised by a total unwillingness to see the problem. Protesting only local residents, and the authorities and law enforcement officials kept silent, - said the lawyer of NGO "Community Development".
The Chairman of the Hodovytskyi Village Council Volodymyr Lialka reported that gravel extraction aimed at the direction -control works, and all relevant documents are present.
  • It's all there, clearly made. Painted all the loot, how much to take, how the river should go. There is supervision, technical supervision. The village Council is just a representative of local government, and all the rest is technical supervision, which made the project and is responsible for the implementation of this project, - said the Chairman.
However, according to preliminary dates, Stryi gravel crushing and screening plant carries out the extraction not from pishchano-hodovytske field, where he has a license, but just taking the gravel from the river bed.
NGO "Community Development" appealed to the relevant authorities to help to solve the problem in the legal field.