The new scheme of money laundering on Lviv garbage works!

The Lviv garbage problem has not been solved yet because city officials aren't interested in it.

The “brilliant intelligence” of a city council instead of usual schemes of money laundering via LCE “Zbyranka”, made up a new one which works when a city has a garbage disaster and no one wants to be acquainted with the peculiarities of garbage removal or disposal. Lviv citizens just want these services to be provided regularly.

Association of all these processes is the basis of a new corruption scheme of the city council.

According to article №27 of the Law of Ukraine “On housing services”, garbage collection is a housing and communal service, providers of which and rates are determined with the results of the contest which is brought by the city council.

The fee for disposal of solid waste is also determined by the owner of the landfill and it may be controlled by a local government landfill or a private one. Sorting, recycling and garbage disposal are commercial processes and with the absence of own municipal landfill, the city council had to purchase it with the system of public procurement Prozorro.

Lviv City Council, consciously, on the 14th of July 2016 approved a decree №907, which is about new program of solid waste removal in a connection with the closure of the landfill in Hrybovychi and delegated it's right to choose landfills for disposal of solid waste to the list of entities - transporters such as LCE “Lvivspetskomuntrans”, “Grinera Ukraine”, “AVE Lviv”, “DV-Ekosvit”, “Sankom-Lviv”, “Spetsavtotrans Lviv”. Dumping fees are determined by agreements between the transporter and the landfill and represent closed financial documents.

Lviv citizens may say: “Neither landfill accepts garbage from Lviv!  It is a blockade!”. But we can see that city didn’t even try to announce a competition for a disposal of solid waste because in that case, it would be not possible to launder money - millions of budget money would be saved, garbage would be transferred to the cheapest landfills legally, openly and transparently. Moreover, in that case, there would be no political PR - because no one is blocking!

The second part of the new corruption process is the reimbursement of additional costs on the transferring of garbage which is provided by the Lviv city budget and introduced with the executive committee decision №405 since 21.06.2016. To this solution, several times amendments were added and now we have a limit value for a compensation from the city budget 1 km of an additional mileage of the vehicle (carrying more than 10 tons), involved under the contract of carriage is 15 hryvnias. The limit cost of waste transporting which is calculated on 1 extra km of vehicle mileage is different for each company, from 10,36 to 12,01 hryvnias.

From the already mentioned it turns out that the transporters

First of all, they are financially interested in carrying the garbage as far as possible because the cost recovery takes place automatically and the company earns on it.

Secondly, it is profitable for them to transport waste using rented transport because the fee is higher.

And what is the most important, in the mandatory, open competition for the collection and removal of solid waste, there is an addition about storage and disposal, which is a direct violation of legislation and even rationality.

The exponential scandalous competition which was conducted by the Galician administration, with the pre-determined winner – “Grinera Ukraine” Ltd, which in general should not be allowed to participate.

A year ago, after the tragedy at Hrybovytskyi landfill, instead of praying for sins, the city council officials were thinking how to introduce a new system of money stealing on rubbish. With a new program of the transporting and disposal of municipal solid wastes during 2016-2017 and giving it to the deputies for approval as the only one correct extreme document, they improved it by increasing tariffs and counting their wealth.

In such comfortable conditions, city officials aren't interested in solving the garbage problem, even if it stinks at home, because in the future it is possible to purchase a home in a more comfortable and environmentally friendly country, because due to the absence of formal contracts with landfills, Lviv garbage has captured all the territory of our picturesque state!