The activists succeeded in stopping illegal construction in the center of Lviv

Today, March 24, activists of the NGO "Community Development" in cooperation with the local residents came out for a peaceful demonstration against the illegal construction on the square Zvenygorodska, 4. Developers were forbidden to continue the construction works
Public activists together with the perturbed residents of nearby houses came to the square Zvenygorodska, 4, to verify the cessation of construction. Also with this action the activists wanted to draw attention of Lviv citizents and city authorities to the problem of illegal constructions.

  • The locals addressed to us because of the fact that in the old square, in the area of protection of UNESCO, carried out the construction. The legal Department of the NGO started to write appeals to the relevant authorities, we found out that this object erected in contravention of applicable legislation: in 2007 was issued a permit for construction of a café bar, but conditions and justification were not provided. Instead, the Builder has only an architectural planning assignment, in accordance with applicable law, the construction shall issue town-planning conditions and restrictions, but there are none of them, - says the activist of the NGO Roman Duda
People complained to the developers, since new building fully closes the windows of the neighboring house. The distance between the walls is less than half a meter. Therefore, in the next house over time could appear fungus and dampness. Nearby residents are outraged by the construction and are determined to stop any development.
  • People walled up their windows, then what is there to say? According to the sanitary standards, the new construction should occur at a distance from another house, nearby there is an old building, so there might not be enough fresh air, and that will cause dampness and fungus. We are afraid that the neighboring building eventually just be destroyed. Now here is constructing a restaurant or a cafe, - said the resident Igor Klymenko
Lawyers of "Community Development" wrote an appeal to the Department of State architectural construction inspection in Lviv region on implementation of inspection of construction of the cafe-bar. After checking, it was found that the customer of construction is PE "Perlyna Lvova", and that the construction documents do not meet the standards. It was revealed a number of violations in accordance with article 41 of the Law of Ukraine "On regulation of urban development" to a customer of construction PE "Perlyna Lvova"and the contractor PE "Urban management No.1", also were given orders to suspend construction work until the elimination of violations.