Activists of the NGO "Community Development"(Rozvytok Hromady) has exposed the fraudulent scheme in Parking lots in the center of Lviv

More than two years ago, the city government signed a contract with the company, which undertook to equip and contain the Parking on the street. Shpytalna, 1. One of the requirements was the establishment by the enterprise the technical devices for the payment of funds as required by law. In reality, however, drivers have to pay personaly to Valets. So where does the money go and why the city government does not pay attention to gross violations? Social activists took under control this case.
On April 2, 2013, the Office of transport and communications of the Department of housing and infrastructure of Lviv City Council announced the winners of the competition on service of paid Parking in the city. According to the results of the tender the territory on the street Shpytalna, 1 (near the shopping center "Magnus") serves PE "Ukrautoprom". According to the concluded agreement the company undertook to build a platform of technical devices for the payment of funds, however, according to the residents who had the opportunity to repeatedly use the services of Parking, the Parking meter was faulty, and the money had to be payed to the Valet. We will remind that since April 2012 payments for Parking should be made solely through Parking meters or entry terminals.
To clarify the situation with the turnoverof money in the Parking lot across the street, Shpytalna1 decided the activists of "Community Development". Once they have a car pulled up and parked near the shopping center "Magnus", to the car came a man in a bright vest. To the driver he said that they need to pay for a Parking. To a request by activists to show documents on the basis of which a person takes money from people, he showed a copy of the contract between PE "Ukrautoprom" and Lviv City Council, about the use of land specifically designed to ensure the Parking of vehicles. And then the funy part – the term of the contract ended back in April! This means that for three months from people were demanding money for Parking without legitimate reasons.
Noticing this gross offense public activists called the police. Soon on a scene there arrived the investigator of the Galytskyi district of Police Department, the local police inspector and representatives of NGO "Community Development". On issues of civic activists, the man who collected money for Parking, avoided to answer and called his supervisor. But later he tells a few words.According to Mr. Sergey, it became known that on this job he is on a third week of probation, and, at no charge. Also said that he has a partner who works on the second week. The question of how much would he pay in case he has passed the probationary period, there was no answer. Confused Valet often call his supervisor, who promised to come, but within a half an hour he did not come. So the police wrote to the Valet Sergij a summons to the police station to testify.

Not only that, the City Government did not control the fulfillment of the conditions of the signed contract, but olso it haven't noticed that in the center of the city in an open way with people illegally were collected money. Activists of "Community Development" are preparing a complaint to the SFS in the Lviv region on verification PE “Ukrautoprom” on tax compliance. In case of continuation of the City Council of a contract with this company, activists will demand its termination.

"NGO will keep abreast of the investigation of this case and we will not allow such lawlessness in the town. Funds that pay people for Parking should be taxed, so we will do everything possible to stop the illegal circulation of money in Parking lots," - said the activist of the NGO "Community Development" Roman Duda.