NGO "Community Development" started cooperation with "nadzvychaynykamy"(with those who are protecting civil people).

Public organization signed an agreement of cooperation with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv region.
Activists met with representatives of the public service, they discussed further cooperation and signed the order of interactions. "Nadzvychaynyky" (those who are protecting civil people) together with the "Community Development" have agreed to exchange of information on threats or emergencies, joint activities to sensitize the population of the rules of conduct in case of high-risk situations.
The cooperation agreement provides for the implementation of other measures, implementation of which is necessary for quality objectives for the respond to the emergency situations in their elimination.
Recently the employees of the state emergency service of Ukraine in Lviv region conducted orientation sessions to members of the public organization, which activists learned how to act effectively in emergency situations.
"In these difficult times, we must be prepared to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations. In plans there is a number of activities to inform the population, in particular together with the rescuers to develop a joint programme for training of students", - said the member of the NGO "Community Development" Roman Duda.
It is worth noting that the agreement between the NGO "Community Development" and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv region developed for the purpose of interaction in case of high-risk situations.