State programme on the replacement of windows in the principal's office?

Plastic windows adorn the facade of the school № 49 (Lviv) in the offices of the Director and the head teacher, and little first graders are learning in the classroom, where glass is composed of three parts, and through holes the wind blows, and the frame "does not converge".
On October 27 the activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) met with the headmaster who actively defended his position - the problems of windows at school, he doesn't see, and their replacement he proposed to discuss on the Parent Committee. The Director boasted renovated roof, asphalt and new windows in ... a personal office established for the State program. And broken and worn, set in 1964, the office of first-graders, he saw only when activists pointed a finger at them.

The mess in this school begins at once, as soon as you cross its threshold, and all this whirlwind touched everyone without exception. Children do not have enough food, in the hallways is unbearable smell of sewage, the desks are installed back in 1970, so has not been repaired and do not meet State health standards for schools. In extra-curricular time pupils have to fold origami, or walk a few blocks to another school to attend sports sections, because in school there are no clubs in which children could develop their creative skills.

It is obvious that the head of this school do not have the information about the technical condition of the institution entrusted to him by the Board of education, as to the question of activists: "How children should learn in a class with windows in such shabby condition," he said, "the first time I see that!", although a few minutes earlier the man had assured activists and parents that the school which he supervises is all right and offered to wait with replacement of windows till 2016. Therefore, students have a whole winter to freeze in these classes! But, is the Director willing to pay for children's treatment out of pocket and bear the moral responsibility to their parents?
The activists gave an ultimatum to the Director: "until Friday Or You, as a leader, will solve the problem with the replacement of windows in class, or we will demand Your release", - said the Chairman of the NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinskyi.
Parents of first-graders together with lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" has prepared an open letter addressed to the head of Department of Education of Department for humanitarian policy of the Lviv City Council to take control of the situation in the school and create a Commission to resolve the issues, wrote complaints in Epidemiological service of Lviv ,and SESU (The State Emergency Service of Ukraine) in Lviv with the purpose of checking the fire and sanitary conditions of the school №49 ( Lviv).
"Community Development" will monitor this situation in the future, and report the results of the work.