At the public hearings transporters (drivers) had a fight with the participants of the ATO

The fray and the dissolution of the attendees ended last public hearing, regarding public transport in Lviv.
The public and representatives of the expert community argue that this course of events is the result of a totally not professional organization of public hearings. The registration of the procedure had been incompetent. The doors to the hall were thrown open, they registering people who are directly related to the resolution of the transport situation, have also came across several representatives from the same organization. To tell the name to community activists unknown participants refused.
It should be noted that before the city Council ignored the proposals for the effective conduct of public hearings, which were developed at the meeting of the working group, representatives of the expert community and the public organization "Community Development". As a result, the hearings degenerated into a farce, and later in a real fight.
During the event drivers aggressively insisted that the tariff increase is inevitable, however, specific numbers were not called. The public is convinced that it is necessary to solve the problem comprehensively, not only to deal with its consequences. First of all, you need to enter the account of the passengers, as established by the drivers tariffs are completely unfounded, because it is impossible to determine the exact number of passengers carried by one or another bus.
During the public hearings were not held back emotions and representatives of the privileged categories of the population, which is contrary to current legislation of Ukraine deprived of their legitimate rights. The speakers were Afghans and the participants of ATO.
It was also mentioned about the corruption in the field of public transport and about the "black cash" that thrives in minibuses. The drivers of a public transport that came at the hearing didn't want to listen to this. They talk down performances with offensive rude and incorrect words. Very quickly the discussion turned into disputes, and those, in turn, after the words "Shut up!" in a real fight with the participation of representatives of the drivers and the combatants. Representatives of the city Council left the hall in those moments.
"Raising fares is completely unfounded, as the quality of traffic buses is quite low. The salons of buses are often dirty, drivers with passengers behave rudely, violate graphics running. First you need to improve the quality of traffic to enter the accounting passengers, and then talk about the price increase," said an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinskiy.