Activists of "Community Development" requires from City Council, the arrangement of grounds for dog walking

The question of the proper construction of grounds for dogs the members of the organization appealed to the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi. In particular, we are talking about a Park on the street Vyhovska, which according to information on the official website of the Lviv City Council is the official ground for dogs; however, it is not equipped for this.

This question has become a considerable problem in Lviv. Basically the owners of Pets used for walking the areas of city's parks and squares, which are not adapted for this. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" with this problem addressed personally to the mayor of the city. During the reception of the mayor, which was held on 30 June, members of the organization described the problem and requested citizens to install in the Park down the Vyhovska street the grounds and containers for collecting excrements of domestic animals by their owners.

Answering the questions of activists, the mayor reported that the city municipal enterprise "Lion" has developed a programme for the development of areas for dog walking. Also Andriy Sadovyi invited members of the NGO to assist in the creation of these grounds. Therefore, the result of the meeting with the mayor was the agreement on cooperation between the NGO "Community Development" and the local authority.

We have ensured our city to become truly European, so we will make maximum efforts in order to achieve this result. We appealed to the city authorities with a problematic issue for the city and agreed on further cooperation. We expect top-quality cooperation and good result," says an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Iryna Dychko.