CO “Community development” initiated signing the memorandum between residents of Puliuia str. and the constructor

Tenants of houses on Puliuia street have appealed to public reception of CO “Community development”. They complained on significant violations of the order by the constructor of residential complex “Naberezhny kvaratal” - LLC “DXB International”.

The building of the residential complex “Naberezhny kvaratal” have started between houses number 32 and 34 since spring 2014.
“Construction is taken almost round-the-clock (at 11 o’clock in the evening still taken, at 5 o’clock in the morning already taken) and mostly without holidays or weekends. I have four children (aged six, eight, ten and eleven years). They cannot sleep because of the noise. Building trucks are being unload outside the building area, almost in our yard. It is impossible to cross the road. There is no place for children to have a walk. Please hear us and take measures and also a legitimate decision” – says Halyna Savruk, tenant of 32 Puliuia str.

Analyzing the problem activists of CO “Community development” has came to decision that construction is being taken with a number of serious violations of requirements established by "Planning and building of city and village settlements".

Regarding the construction of this block, publicity has a number of serious questions that are without answer so far. That is why CO “Community development” has organized public hearings along with tenants of the houses nearby where the further actions concerning the building were discussed.

 As a result, CO "Community Development" initiated signing of memorandum of understanding and cooperation between tenants and constructor. According to it the constructor, LLC “DXB International” is obliged to:
- provide cleaning of dirt and everyday irrigation of local area and roadway
- provide porch’s restoration
- replace the windows and provide roofing rolls
- bring construction materials and equipment for the building only by entering from Truskavetska street
- provide all building, restorative and any other works, which are followed by noise in period between 8 o’clock in the morning and 9 o’clock in the evening.

CO "Community Development" is acting as the coordinator on the terms hereof. Activists are attentively looking after the fulfillment of the contract.