Details of the situation in airport were ascertained at press-conference in Lviv, also illegitimate actions of People's Deputy were condemned

Management of Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv” on October, 15 at ZIK press-center has commented on the situation at the state enterprise.

The following persons were present at meeting with press: Oleksiy Kuznetsov, temporary acting director of airport, Ruslan Tryhub, Oleg Yartym and also Andriy Bolyubash, head of CO "Community Development". They commented on the situation which came out on Ocober, 02, near airport administrative building, when unknown persons influenced by alcohol tried to interfere the work of enterprise. They put garbage boxes in which they were going to throw people and a truck calling for violence. Group of unknown pseudo- lustrators was headed by People's Deputy of Ukraine Ihor Vasyunyk.

Head of Control-Auditing work of International Airport has stated a fact of interruption in economical activity of the enterprise by People's Deputy of Ukraine Ihor Vasyunyk and separate business groups. And also added that they are represented by Eugen Kryvorotko and Roman Zazulyak. They try to destabilize the working atmosphere at strategic object by misinformation and misrepresentation.

“During the period of my work, since June 2014, I carried out work on primary activity to detect misuses by officials, and to detect violations of the internal working order and internal discipline. As a result of investigation I found evidence of theft of fuel, usage of enterprise property for personal purposes and the  violation of internal working order by enterprise employees. As a result of the official investigation, fuel economy increased by 50%, which is 8 thousand liters” - said Ruslan Trygub.

Activist of CO "Community Development" being present at scene have mentioned a number of serious violations from the side of Ihor Vasyunyk. People's Deputy put the citizens’ lives at risk by setting garbage boxes to intimidation of management with “garbage lustration” and also blocked regime object. All his actions had hooligan character which lead to order violation, by the way criminal punishment is provided by part 2 article 296 of Criminal Code of Ukraine for the above actions. If ordinary person committed those actions, he would be immediately arrested by police officers and criminal proceedings would be started against him.
“State enterprise Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv” is one of the most successful in aviation sphere and in Western Ukraine. Production figures, incomes, passenger traffic and financial figures of the enterprise are increasing, despite the difficult situation in country” – says Oleksiy Kuznetsov.

The reason why the People’s Deputy called to throw the new airport management to garbage and picket regime object is unknown. Public activists asked Vasyunyk to take the test on honesty with polygraph. People’s deputy hasn’t announced his answer yet.