Created the Commission on the results of the public hearings regarding the constructions on the street Pancha

This compromise was achieved after a two-hour public hearing of residents of nearby houses and the members of the cooperative of journalists and educators.

On Thursday, June 17, at the premises of the Shevchenkivska District Administration was held a public hearing regarding the construction of apartment buildings on the site of the stadium that on the street Pancha. There were also representatives of the city authorities, residents of the neighborhood, as well as members of the cooperative, which want to build their house on the spot where now stands the stadium. 

It should be noted that poor organization of the hearings, in particular weak coordinator resulted to a chaos. Mothers with small children sincerely don't understand why they are deprived with practically the only place where their children could spend time and exercise close to home. Cooperative members insist that the place were given to them by the city authorities here and they are planning to build a house.

The Chairman of Condominium association "Dobry Gasda" Yuriy Moral, gave the presentation of the development of the selling site, which will include a stadium, a volleyball court and a square, which will host cultural events. Residents of homes already have fully developed a plan to create a platform for families on a European level. Funds for its construction are ready to give the residents of the houses. It should be noted that the first steps have already been taken, in particular, building a beach volleyball court, were was held the first city tournament.

During the public hearings still managed to reach a compromise regarding the establishment of the Commission, which will include residents of the street Pancha, the members of the cooperative who want to build a house, and the representative of the Lviv City Council. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" were also invited to participate.

We will inform about the further course of events regarding the situation with the controversial building on the street Pancha.