NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) helps with the change of windows in school

NGO "Community Development" responded to the appeal of parents of first-graders at school No. 49 (Lviv) about the change of old Windows.
On October 22 activists of the NGO "Community Development" met with the initiative group of parents who were trying to improve the learning environment of their children, and the classroom teacher who works in this office. In the old building of the school No. 49 windows are in a catastrophic state, in the class where first graders are learning they are just awful. Glass composed of three parts, through holes the wind blows, and the frame is "not converge" and in this environment are trained seven-year-old children.

"Community Development" took control of the situation at this school. Soon we will inform about the results and further development of this situation.