NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) helped to replace the manifold

NGO "Community Development" has recently answered the call of residents of the city to help to solve the problem with the collector on the street Klionovycha 8, which was the cause of the failures of the asphalt.
NGO appealed to Lviv Municipal Enterprise "Lvivvodokanal" and the Lviv city Council with the requirement to respond to requests from residents. However, no reports on the specific actions were received. Lychakiv district administration, to which NGO "Community Development" has also sent an appeal on the resolution of this situation, ordered the repair work to eliminate crease on the release of sewage from the building.

Today on the street Klionovycha, 8 thanks to the joint efforts of the community, have already been changed the manifold and repaired the holes in the asphalt. Residents of the house thanked the NGO "Community Development" for the prompt and efficient help. It is now safe to walk down the street.