Virtual tractor

The lawyers of the NGO “Community Development”(“Rozvytok Hromady”) has helped to bring back 45000 UAH to the widow of the participant of anti-terrorist operation.
The widow of the participant of anti-terrorist operation, the mother of three children who cares for elderly parents, in November 2014 signed a financial leasing contract, the subject of which was a tractor. Paying provided by the contract funds, she had to get the tractor. However, the leasing company has not fulfilled its obligations and did not give the agricultural machinery.
The legal Department of NGO "Community Development" led by Andriy Boliubash took up the case.
Lawyers filed a lawsuit statement of claim about protection of consumer rights, the recognition of the transaction void and to recover money. Thanks to their skilled work and professional approach to business in a short period of time we managed to achieve a positive result and to return the woman's money.

"Be careful at the time of signing the lease agreement, because often you can get a fraudulent scheme. Before signing the contract carefully read it, consider whether they are fair and beneficial to both parties. Intending to sign the lease agreement, first and foremost, seek advice from lawyers to protect yourself and your money," say the lawyers.

Recall that NGO has a Centre of Legal Assistance that provides free legal advices.