Lviv woman aims to privatize the dorm room, which has been home for her for more than 30 years

To the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) addressed the woman with the request to help to privatize the Dorm room, in which she settled in 1984.
Oleh Marija Ludvikivna twenty years of her life devoted to work at Lviv electrical lamp factory "Iskra". In 1984 the woman from the plant has been allotted a Dorm room that is on the street, Bilotserkivska, 10. In the same room Marija lives today. For more than 30 years of living in the Dorm, she not only got used to her small room, but she set it to fit her needs. And the most important thing that a woman, with the third group of disability, has no other housing. Despite the difficult and unstable situation in the country, Marija Ludvikivna would like to privatize her room to ensure that in future no one was able to put on the street. She appealed to various authorities and officials, and, unfortunately, these appeals did not give the desired result.
For help in solving the problems woman came to the NGO "Community Development". During the reception, she requested to assist in the transfer of dorms for the balance of the city of Lviv, which will give her the opportunity to privatize housing. Representatives of the Legal Department has reviewed this matter and has managed to send an information request to the Lviv City Council with questions: is the hostel on the Street Bilotserkivska 10, is enabled in the transmission Programme of hostels in the property of a territorial community of Lviv for 2012-2015 and whether citizens living in above Dormitory (hostel) can acquire ownership of the dwelling. The answer from the authorities of the city must be received before August 6, 2015.