The war continues, or two wars of ATO participants

Soldiers who return from the ATO, have to go to another war -with the bureaucrats.

Sad practice in our country is that people who fought in the East, returning home "must" prove that they really went under the bullets, that they were wounded, that they never received payments, need to prove, that they have rights for all the privileges which belong to them by Law.

Participant of the ATO waited for the remunerations for about five months, and only after the appeal of civil society activists to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, he saw the money in his account. Thanks to legal support and advices provided by lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) for the ATO participants and their families, people managed to repeatedly seek the truth and defend the rights provided by law. Among the latest cases was the treatment of the soldier who was considered to be illegally absent, at a time when he was undergoing treatment.

Being already a few months in the ATO zone, the military went home on vacation. And instead of relaxing was waiting for a hospital bed. After four months of inpatient treatment, the military arrived at the location of the unit, where he was informed that he was considered illegally absent. It should be noted that the documents that would confirm his stay on treatment, to a military unit arrived on time. After an internal investigation it was established that there were no grounds to put the military to the list of illegally absent. Consequently it was pledged to pay payments to the military. But the military have not received means. Participant of the ATO independently applied to the military unit and to the Prosecutor, however, he was not heard. Therefore, the military asked for help in the NGO "Community Development".

After reviewing the case, lawyers of the NGO prepared a letter to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the military Prosecutor of the Mykolaivskyi garrison of the Southern region of Ukraine with a request to provide oversight on the implementation of the allocation of financial support. After two months, all owed funds have been transferred on the account of the soldier.

"Military personnel (reservists, bound to military service) and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who participated in anti-terrorist operations, if You were taken over the unit at the time of treatment in the hospital, and You properly informed about the reasons of the absence and location, contact the parts and provide supporting documentation of Your absence. If on the basis of illegal withdrawal of the staff You have not received financial support, the military unit obliged to pay the owed funds", - informs the lawyer of the NGO "Community Development" Iryna Dychko.