Public Council under the Department of Justice in Lviv region will be updated

On 8 September 2015 a number of NGOs sent an open letter of request to terminate the activities of the Public Council and to start the procedure for the formation of the new composition of the institution.

Public Council under the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Lviv region is a permanent consultative and advisory institution. It was founded by representatives of communities of the city and region for effective interaction with the Department of Justice and ensuring the participation of citizens in the formation and implementation of state legal policy.

The active representatives of NGOs and groups of the city, namely the "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”), "Afghan Hundred"(“Afganska Sotnia”), "Ukrainian Union of participants of ATO"(“Ukrainska Spillka Uchasnykiv ATO”), NGO "Slaves to Paradise are not allowed"(“Rabiv Do rayu Ne Puskayut”), "Active society of Lviv” (“Aktyvne tovarystvo Lvivshchyny”) and NGO "Self Defense of Lviv Euromaidan" (“Samooborona Lvivskogo Euromaidanu”) sent an open letter to the Chief of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Lviv region Zhukrowsky Yaroslav Ivanovych.

Since the meeting of the Public Council were held irregularly, work plans and consultations were not prepared and the minutes of meetings did not contain proposals which would have a real impact on the decision-making of important public institutions, the public requested the termination of the Public Council.

It should be noted that meetings of the Council were held in May 2015. On Tuesday, 15 September 2015, the activists caught the current head of the Council Olexiy Dehtiarenko in the room of municipal property, which, according to unofficial information, he uses to run his own business. Members of the public on the scene called police.

The citizens are initiating the establishment of the Public Council under the Department of Justice in Lviv region. Specialists of different spheres with clear social position should work there not using just words and promises but making deeds. On 10 September 2015 the leadership of the Chief of theTerritorial Administration of Justice in Lviv region decided on the termination of activity of the Public Council under the state authority. Until September 25 will be made proposals for the establishment of the initiative group for formation the new composition of the Public Council.