Re-registration of entrepreneurs from Crimea is possible without a stamp in the passport - the lawyer

Entrepreneurs registered in Crimea, after leaving the peninsula faced with the inability of re-registration on the place of temporary residence.
Despite the fact that in normative documents the procedure of re-registration is described almost step by step, the problem is that those who left the Crimea should get a new location registration and this stamp may create difficulties on the Russian – Crimea border. Without this information (mark), about the place of residence in the passport, the documents can not be taken for re-registration.

“This problem is gradually solving. So, from 27.04.2014, according to the law number 1207, passports to citizens who migrated from the temporarily occupied territories should be made according to their new places of residence” - lawyer Andriy Bolyubash.

Besides, persons, who have moved from the temporarily occupied territories, for their application should be granted certificates confirming their place of residence. Certificates are issued on the basis of the passport, but the information about the place of residence is not marked in the passport. The indicated norm is valid from November 9, 2014.
We remind you that certificate of registration of permanent and temporary residence, due to the request of the person may be issued by the registration forms approved by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of 11.22.2012, № 1077.