The first names of the corrupt officials of Lviv are expected soon

On Friday, August 21, in the Lviv Regional State Administration met the public and the media with the Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnyk. The result of the event was the invitation of the activists of the NGO "Community Development" to join the cooperation in the fight against corruption in all levels of government. Artem Sytnyk has provided the members of the organization, his contact telephone and invited to a meeting in Kiev.

By the end of this year in Lviv is planned to create the first territorial Department of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. NGO "Community Development" has become the only NGO who have received personal contact with the head of the Anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnyk and was invited in September for a meeting in Kiev.

The National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine – is an important state law enforcement Agency whose main function is the detection of corruption offences, as well as the prevention of  the commission of new ones. Under the supervision of the Bureau are subjected: parliamentarians, Ministers, deputies of the regional councils and the Kyiv City Council, heads and deputies of the state authorities, the Secretary of the Council, all judges, members of the High Council of justice, the prosecutors of the Prosecutor General's office and regional Prosecutor's offices, the generals of the Armed Forces, Security Service, Interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies.

NGO "Community Development" has established itself as the most efficient and independent organization of the city. Transparent and efficient operation of the NGO called trust to the Anti-corruption Bureau. Now qualified specialists of "Community Development" improve a strategy for combating corruption in the area, that the public will realize and together we will eradicate the corruption. In September, at a meeting with the head of the National Anti-corruption Bureau in Kiev, the members of the organization will present their Anti-corruption program. Soon is expected the announcement of the first names of the corrupt officials of the region, the activities of which activists will illuminate for the public.