Was hosted the first reception of citizens at the Centre of providing free primary legal assistance by NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”)

Immediately the next day after the signing of the Memorandum on joint activities on providing free legal assistance between the NGO "Community Development" and the First of the Lviv regional centre for the provision of free secondary legal assistant, lawyers of the NGO held their first reception.

On the fourth of September to the lawyers of "Community Development" addressed Starikova Liubov Jevgenivna. to provide legal advice. A woman has a disability and needs constant care. In order to get it she needs to collect a certain list of certificates and documents and submit to the regional Department of social protection. For providing state social assistance for care is also required documents from Municipal Institution of Lviv Regional Council "Lviv regional clinical psychoneurological dispensary" that woman really needs help. And, unfortunately, the employees of the above mentioned clinic does not give the woman the desired documents than artificially create obstacles in the procedure for awarding legitimate payments.

Lawyers of "Community Development" prepared on behalf of the Liubov Jevgenivna. a complaint about inaction and inadequate execution, by officials of Municipal Institution of Lviv Regional Council "Lviv regional clinical psychoneurological dispensary", of their duties, addressed to the Director of health care Department of Lviv regional state administration Bohdan Chechotka. In the documents we asked the official to give an assessment to actions of officials of medical institutions to provide the necessary documents, to take in respect of these persons disciplinary action and to assist in getting the requested information.

The lawyers helped the woman to prepare an address to the people's Deputy of Ukraine with a request to assist in the improvement of housing conditions, as they lived at 28 square metres of living space with six persons, two of them are her children with the disabilities of the second group.