The lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" has received appreciation from people of Lviv

Inhabitants of the house № 43 on a street V.Velykogo  in Lviv gave written thanks to the lawyers of NGO for assistance in the repair of the road near their homes.
The pavement near the house on the street V.Velykogo  was in a terrible state. People repeatedly injured and suffered many inconveniences through this way. After meeting with residents the lawyers of "Community Development" immediately began to act. Addressed in Frankivsk district administration of Lviv City Council, Deputy of the Lviv City Council of 7-th convocation, the mayor of Lviv.
The result was not long in coming – today the road has a completely different look. Now people walk on a pavement road, drainage and walkway. Also now near the house there are Parking spaces for cars.

Therefore, the tenants of the house № 43 on the street V.Velykogo  , thank lawyers for their work.

Thank You and respect for the essential work that is still of high moral criteria: decency, honesty, integrity, legitimacy. – said in the text of gratitude